Building process

If you are developing Gestinux or if you want to join the developers, write your questions and remarks here.
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Building process

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tintinux wrote: 01 Nov 2021, 13:33 For information on the building process :
Up to now, I have built all the Windows releases on a Windows system, not on Linux. It is anyway useful to have a Windows machine for tests during development or after building, so I found it simpler to build on Windows.

This could change for next builds, because today all my Windows machines are now obsolete or crashing and I'm not sure to be able to repair or to buy a new one. If someone (you ?) can build the future Windows releases I'd like it !!!!
Sounds a good idea to me.

I am using Windows 10 machines, and both 32-bit and 64-bit are building OK now; I did not build a Gestinux Inno Setup installer yet, but this should not be any problem for me. I have set up a WSL2 environment (Linux as an integrated VM, much like Windows 11 is now an integrated VM as well) where Gestinux could run, and I am in process to set up Lazarus cross-building Linux *from* Windows (which should be possible on theory but does not seem mainstream, certainly less than the reverse way.)

On the other side I do not believe i386-linux is worth spending my time; I have no idea about Macs or iPhones, and very very few about possible Android builds.
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Re: Strangeness in repository

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Ok !

I never uploaded a 64 bits Windows because, up to Windows 10, the 32 bits version was running fine and quick enough on all recent Windows versions.
Maybe this will change with the next Windows, I really don't know.

Building for Linux on a Windows VM is interesting, but as I said for the reverse operation, we need some tests on native Linux machine.
I can manage to make all the builds on Linux.

On Mac it was working (and used by at least someone) up to Gestinux 1.2, but for a long time none has tested more recents version on recents Mac/OS.
I have only a very old Mac with an obsolete Mac/OS version.
We do need some Mac owners and developers !

For Android, do not hope any portability of Gestinux. The Lazarus UI controls are not compatible, and anyway the ergonomy is very different of PC's.
I have made some years ago a small Android application, communicating with a server application connected to a Gestinux database. Both created with Lazarus. It was only a Proof Of Concept, but was running fine.

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